Monday, November 30, 2009

Music for Ice-Cream Vans


1.Chet Atkins - Wheels
2.The Shadows - Foot Tapper
3.Henry Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk
4.Ennio Morricone - My Name is Nobody
5.The Mar-Keys - Grab This Thing
6.Carl Perkins - Perkins Wiggle
7.Hank Williams & Grant Turner - How To Write Folk and Western Music to Sell
8.Hank Williams - Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
9.Link Wray & The Wraymen - Hand Clapper
10.Horst Jankowski - A Walk in the Black Forest
11.Bob Dylan - Man Gave Names to All the Animals
12.Ennio Morricone - Un Genio, Due Compari, Un Pollo
13.Tiny Tim - Tip Toe Through the Tulips
14.Charles Mingus - My Jelly Roll Soul
15.Julie London - Hot Toddy
Ice cream van music from outside my house. All dialogue from Columbo Season 2 Episode 3, "The Most Crucial Game"